The global pandemic has shaken many to the core. Staying within the corners of our houses 24/7 until nobody knows when stirred a lot of anxiety. The threat of the pandemic, the longing for the intimacy and social connection as a basic human need, and the adjustment phase to the strange, “new normal” all triggered people’s inner demons.

Stress, overeating, physical inactivity, and anxiety—all these are health-related concerns that are plaguing employees now on a remote work setting. While staying indoors all the time isn’t the best environment to ensure one’s overall wellbeing (health benefits of sunlight, ecotherapy, etc.), digital design company, Canva Solutions, shows how they manage to ensure the health of their employees amid quarantine.

“Prior to the quarantine, we were already conducting fitness activities. Now we conduct the fitness classes online, via Zoom, and we make sure everyone can access them.” says Canva’s country manager, Yani Hornilla Donato.

While initially there were difficulties on the execution—not everyone had a stable internet connection, for example—the participation rocketed amid the lockdown. “It prompted us to get more certified instructors,” she adds.

Canva recommends everyone working from home to engage in stretching exercises too. This is important because people are bound to sit in front of the computer for the entire day, so it’s necessary to keep the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy through stretching.

Like most, the sweeping anxiety did not spare Canva’s employees.

“We are aware of this, so we decided to conduct remote check-ins,” Donato shares. “We also advised our workers to use meditation apps such as Headspace, and if they decided to upgrade, the small fees will deducted from their salary.”

Nobody can deny the effects of meditation in calming the mind. Meditation stimulates mindfulness, which is the ability to be present and to be fully engaged in the moment. This in turn lets people be free from the overwhelming thoughts and worries of the past and the future, eventually shutting down anxiety.

“We recommend other companies to conduct well-being programs too,” adds Yana. After all, a healthy mind and body is conducive to an excellent work performance.

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