No one is exempt from the effects of Covid-19. Across the globe, lots of workers have been displaced and businesses are on the brink of collapse.
Among the industries most badly hit are entertainment and sports. Shows and shoots have been put on hold. Sporting events—even the 2020 Tokyo Olympics—have been postponed. Artists, industry workers, and professional athletes have lost their jobs, and they have been forced to find alternatives to make ends meet during this pandemic.
Hunk actor delivering food
In Thailand, celebrity actor Amp Pheerawas decided to sign up and work as a Grab delivery guy in order to earn money and support his family. There has been a high demand for food delivery workers and personal shoppers, as everyone is encouraged to stay at home and to observe social distancing protocols.

In an interview with Thai Rant Online, Amp proudly admits he is currently working as a delivery man, and that this experience has been teaching him a lot of important life lessons.
“I encourage people who don’t have money to do anything,” he said. “Do not be lazy, don’t get discouraged, rise up and work.”
In order to receive incentives from the company, Amp accepts delivery requests even when the weather is bad. “During rainy season, some people do not accept work,” he says. “I am a new kid so I take the request in order to get promoted.”
Olympian turns Uber Eats guy
Meanwhile, with Olympics postponed in Japan, Japanese fencer Ryo Miyake needed to find a job. That’s when he started delivering food for Uber Eats.


Ryo Miyake (Wikipedia)

In an interview with Reuters, Ryo discloses that he’s earning 2,000 yen ($18.60) daily. Combined with his savings, this has helped him survive without sponsorship. As a silver medalist in the men’s team foil at the 2012 London Olympics, Ryo has a lot of sponsors. With the Olympics on hold, however, he feels he is not entitled to the sponsorships. 
“I thought it was a little impudent to receive support in such a situation, so I told them to hold [the sponsorship] for the time being,” he said. “Now I am digging into my savings for a living, so I have to earn money by myself.”


Ryo working as Uber Eats delivery man (AFP)

Ryo also says that delivering food using his bike is his way to keep his body fit, as gyms and training facilities are closed these days.
As of writing, there are over 4.7 million Covid-19 cases worldwide, with 315,000 deaths and more than a million patients who have recovered from the deadly disease.

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