By Shennah Romanillos


Consistently regarded as one of the world’s best restaurants, Noma is famous for bold multicourse feasts and the reinvention of Nordic cuisine. However, getting a table at Chef Rene Redzepi’s gastronomic mecca was nearly impossible before Covid-19. Apart from the flight to Copenhagen, a pre-paid reservation was required, costing around $400 per person.

Like most businesses, Noma temporarily closed because of its country’s lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But now that restrictions have eased in Denmark, Redzepi and the rest of the team are back with happy and surprising news: a new menu that is now more affordable and space open for everyone, no reservations needed.

The fine-dining destination will reopen on May 21 as an outdoor wine bar, located in the property’s lush gardens, and with a view overlooking the lake. Takeouts and walk-ins welcome. “Come as you are, there are no reservations, we are open for everyone,” says the Noma team in a statement released on the official website. “You can stop by for a glass of wine, or you can stay for more, and if you get hungry we have two burgers on the menu.”

For now, apart from wine, Noma is offering two burgers to drool over. You can choose between the restaurant’s cheeseburger or for the health-conscious, there’s the veggie burger. “Both are juicy and packed with umami, with a little bit of magic from our fermentation cellar, served on a freshly baked potato bun developed by our friends at Gasoline Grill,” the statement continued.

The wine bar will be open during the afternoon and evening, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., Thursday to Sunday. The initial opening will give the team time to prepare for the official reopening of the whole restaurant. “Being closed for so long means that it will take weeks for our team to get the kitchen back to the levels we were at before closing. We do not yet have an official opening date for the restaurant to share, but we will have more information on this very soon.”

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