What do your dad and the Prime Minister of United Kingdom have in common? They probably like to lie around all day in one of them wholesale souvenir shirts your mom got the whole fam from your Boracay trip.

The UK PM Boris Johnson was seen doing rounds of his early morning run just outside his residence on Downing Street clad in a typical graphic holiday shirt bearing the Philippines text and multicolored island details, and a navy Adidas shorts.



Reports said it was Johnson’s newfound exercise routine after being spotted twice in a row in an effort to steer clear of Covid-19 post-recovery, blaming obesity for his hospitalization. He told The Sun that his health “had deteriorated to an extent” during his personal battle with the disease for nearly two weeks, and it served as a wake-up call to convince citizens to live more active lives.

Johnson is now planning to launch an anti-obesity drive across the UK to target this certain factor that increases the risk of contracting Covid-19, with hopes to deliver “preventive and personalized solutions” that can help citizens lose weight.

It was also reported that he was confined in intensive care at St. Thomas Hospital in London alongside Larni Zuniga, a 54-year-old Filipino nurse employed under the National Health Service, who perished from the disease on April 24.

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