Have you ever wondered what your beloved Disney characters would look like if they were dressed in traditional Filipino garb, such as the baro’t-saya, the terno, and the barong Tagalog? It would surely be lovely, right? Well, imagine no more because a young aspiring artist from Bulacan has just turned his imaginations into beautiful works of art. 

In a now viral post, 17-year-old Cedrhick Fajardo shared versions of Disney characters including Belle, Tiana, and Prince Naveen, and Pocahontas, dressed in Filipiniana costumes. 

In a conversation with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Cedrhick says that, as a folk dancer, it has long been his dream to see his beloved Disney characters in traditional Filipino wear. So he used his quarantine school break to turn his dreams into reality. 

C. Fajardo

Cedrhick Fajardo

“I am really amazed with our traditional costumes and our culture,” he says. “So, I thought, what if Disney characters are created and dressed like true Filipinos? It would be great.” 

It took him five days to finish 10 digital reimagining of these Disney characters. “Since these are just two-dimensional digital artworks, I finished them in five days,” he says. “But to make sure the costume details were right, I did some research.”

Here are his finished works:

CinderellaCinderella in a traje de mestiza and Prince Charming in barong Tagalog


Pocahontas looking fierce in a pre-colonial Filipino garb


Tarzan dressed and tattooed like a datu, with Jane wearing a traditional floral terno


Aurora in a traje de mestiza, with Prince Phillip in a barong

Snow White

Snow White wearing a Balintawak


Mulan in an 1898 Philippine Republican Army uniform


Ariel in a traje de mestiza and a veil, with Prince Eric in a barong


Aladdin and Princess Jasmine wearing the traditional Maranao clothing


Hercules looking like an Igorot, with matching symbolic tattoos


Belle in a sophisticated traje de mestiza with a long trail

Cedrhick just recently graduated from senior high school at Taliptip National High Shool, Bulakan, Bulacan. He is planning to take up Fine Arts as his undergraduate course. 

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