Minecraft is all about a world of endless possibilities, which is why many gamers have turned to it while in quarantine. Players can go into survival, creative, or adventure mode with almost unlimited freedom to explore, create, and bring to life their wildest imaginations. Not only is it popular, with millions of active users monthly, but it is also often cited as one of the most influential and culturally impactful video games of all time.

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware and computing solutions, recently announced their Minecraft challenge open to gamers in all regions, culminating in a raffle with $200 worth of Steam gift cards at stake.

Interested gamers should log onto MSI’s Minecraft server (“mc.msi.com”) and participate in their “Run Lucky Run” Parkour Challenge. The fun parkour course map is a virtual adventure that many gamers could use while in quarantine.

After completing the game, participants must take an in-game snapshot or screenshot at the finishing point and then share it on Instagram, tagging @msigaming and using the hashtags #MSIMinecraftChallenge and #Evolve. Doing all these steps will give the player one entry in MSI’s raffle. All entries must be submitted by June 13.

Prizes include Steam gift cards of varying amounts, with 50 $20 gift cards, 20 $50 gift cards, 10 $100 gift cards, and five $200 gift cards at stake.

The winners will be announced on MSI’s Facebook page on June 20, randomly drawn from all eligible entries received.



Source: Manila Bulletin (https://lifestyle.mb.com.ph/2020/05/18/join-this-minecraft-parkour-challenge/)