As Metro Manila is on its way to transitioning into a more relaxed general quarantine in the coming days, we can expect that our time of wearing comfy pambahay is about to end. After months of being away from our usual outdoor clothes, many may feel alienated from their own closet. Plus, with the threat of the coronavirus still on the sidelines, many of us are asking what should we wear. Should we just wear medical suits outside and forget about fashion?

Lucky for us, our favorite fashionista is serving us looks to inspire us to build our “new normal” style.


In her book Styled With Heart, actress and fashion icon Heart Evangelista shares tales of her fashion exploration while educating women on finding their personal style through her noteworthy tips and lists of must-have pieces. She also said that “style, just like life, is all about filtering what fits, what endures, and what feels good,” and that’s what we must do. After all, fashion has proved adaptable, even through years of wars and revolutions, and there is no virus strong enough to stop it. Not now, not ever.

Inspired by her #TheNewNormalWithLoveMarie, here are some style tips on creating an OOTD that’s protective and chic at the same time.

Go monochromatic

As a cue from the personal protective equipment crafted by fashion designers in the past months, opting for a single color for an outfit can be a bold statement. An all-white ensemble is clean, classic, and elegant. Red, pink, and yellow are definitely look-at-me colors that are perfect for summer. If color is not your forte, choosing a neutral palette of deep blues is the best way to start.



Explore prints

The thing about this pandemic is that everything can be a little serious. Why not bring on the fun by wearing prints? You could wear just one strong print, or play with different kinds of patterns. Channel Cher Horowitz with plaid, and pair it with stripes and houndstooth, or go for a modern-day bohemian with a floral and watercolor print combo. If you want a subtle take, an outfit with delicate lace is a no-fail look. It’s not a print, but it does the same trick.


After all, fashion has always proved to be adaptable, even through years of wars and revolutions, and there is no virus strong enough to stop it. Not now, not ever.

Always find balance

To make a utility-inspired look stylish, one should play with its proportions. A jumpsuit can be baggy, but with a belt (or a belt bag for your hand sanitizers) to cinch the waist, it can look flattering. A tailored suit with wide-leg pants can make you look taller. Remember to cover parts of your body, like your arms, that are susceptible to physical contact. After all, your fashion choices now should make you look good and prevent you from acquiring the virus. A little fold on the cuffs or the hemline of your jeans won’t hurt as long as you’re constantly practicing good hygiene.



Accessories with purpose

Since we’re on the subject of health, proper accessories are a must during this time. Treat your face shield and face mask as key components of your daily look. If you need stylish masks, check out our picks. How fun would it be to base your look on the mask you’re wearing? A face shield can look a little mechanical, but it serves its purpose. If you can’t find a retro futuristic kind like what Heart is wearing, then rock it with good eye makeup, and smize on. Hand gloves can be the items that finish your look. These are diverse in style, but go black and studded for that edgier look. Try a dainty lady-like look with a cropped gloved like the one designed by Mark Bumgarner. Just don’t touch your face while wearing them, and always sanitize them after every use.




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