Despite the recent loosening of the lockdown, it is still advisable to keep outdoor activities to a minimum, including shopping for essentials.

Delivery is a godsend to the community during these strange times, and it’s a blessing that many Filipinos can depend on services like Foodpanda for meals.


This month, the company started operating in more cities, beginning with Zamboanga in Mindanao and Palo in the Visayas. The famous fleet of pink riders will also be hitting the streets of Tarlac, Sta. Rosa in Laguna, Kabanklan in the Visayas, and Tagum in Mindanao.

Safety is of utmost importance, so we should all do our part by staying at home for ourselves and for our frontliners. We aren’t stuck, we are safe and lucky to be able to enjoy our favorite food. There is a world of flavors available to us through Foodpanda’s partner restaurants in our area. All we have to do is browse through the easy-to-use app, drool over a variety of menus of American, Japanese, Italian, and even regional cuisines, order, and track. If you’re lucky, you can even score a promo like discounts that go up to 50 percent.

“We are very excited to add more locations to our list of cities, especially because we want to play the part during this time by helping people get the food delivered directly to their doorstep,” says Argie Muyco, head of expansion for Foodpanda Philippines. “The team believes that opening more cities to operate is an innovative response to Covid-19 as people are relying mostly on delivery service these days. To top it off, we’re seeing massive growth and a lot of interest from restaurants who are either experiencing it or through word of mouth, so our aim is to open more in select cities in the next months.”

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