As we enter the new normal, every industry is being pushed to think out of the box when it comes to bringing their workforce back to the daily grind. From BPO companies and mobile network offices, to fashion retail shops and fast food chains, everyone is determining the best practices and safety protocols for the upcoming general community quarantine with a 100 percent workforce. The government, in response, has urged managers to employ a work from home setup to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

With everyone logging in online for work, virtual meetings and conferences have become the norm. From Google Meet presentations to Zoom virtual parties, people have appropriated all their efforts into looking good in front of a camera. Some may have perfected it to a tee, but for some who need a little more guidance, we tapped two of local fashions most distinguished style savants to give us a peek into a very fashionable e-meet: celebrity stylist and fashion magazine editor Edlene Cabral, and deputy general manager for Francis Libiran atelier and style guru Victor Harry Hartman.

Victor Harry Hartman and Edlene Cabral

In this Manila Bulletin Lifestyle exclusive, the social media savvy fashionistas share their thoughts on how to achieve that well-groomed, best dressed look for your next virtual get together.

How do you approach dressing for Zoom?

Victor: Personally, I am a little too fond of coordinates and onesies. I mean if I could wear it every day, I would and now’s the perfect time to party in comfortable outfits since we’re at the convenience of our homes. I see this proper for Zoom meetings as well.

Edlene: Its best to treat your Zoom party preparations just like how you normally plan to dress up for your pre-quarantine life. I would recommend starting off by having the mindset of being appropriately dressed for the occasion. You may want to consider the theme, the time of the day, and the persons you are conferencing with. Look for an outfit peg, if necessary, and then head off to your closet to check on what you can mix and match.

What trends will go well even during virtual meets?

Victor: Definitely minimalist style and coordinates would never go wrong for virtual meets.

Edlene: Send some mood-boosting vibe by wearing on trend colors like tangerine, classic blue, and pink. Opting for trends like floral, polka dots, and tie-dye prints can give an instant jolt of life to your total look.

How about key pieces or items of accessories to wear?

Victor: Any is fine, but my staples are sunglasses and a watch. Zoom won’t be able to show your whole body clearly anyway, but it’s all up to you.

Edlene: Sunglasses with colored lenses are totally in and appropriate but only if you’re broadcasting in your garden or from your balcony.

If you havent had a haircut and your hair is unruly, what styling can be done?

Victor: Take this quarantine as an opportunity to give your hair a break from different hair styling products. But if you must attend a Zoom party and you’re not used to your thick, unruly hair, then find a way to style it accordingly. You might discover a new hairstyle that suits you.

Edlene: A scarf is one of this season’s “it” accessories, and if you wore one, youd have a quick fix answer to unruly quarantine hair. This versatile piece can be styled in multiple ways depending on your mood. You can channel the current runway’s head wrapped look, make it a headband, or simply use it as a hair tie.

How much makeup should you wear on virtual meets?

Victor: I would suggest none, or as little as possible. I think this lockdown is a good time to give your skin the break it deserves from wearing makeup. But if wearing makeup will make you happy and more confident, then go for it. Just don’t overdo it.

Edlene: I think the best makeup look for Zoom is to keep it minimal. Channeling that fresh look and glowing skin is way better than goingall out with your makeup.

Any style tips for people attending Zoom parties?

Victor: One must have the liberty to choose whatever they want to wear so long as it suits the type of meeting or party that they’re attending. Aside from the clothes that you’re wearing, you must also make sure that you’re in a quiet and properly-lit room.

Edlene: There are tons of prints and colors that are totally fun to explore, but we must not overdo it as to become an eyesore to our friends. Balance is the key. If the outfit is already loud, opt for less or minimal accessories. If you think you’re too plain and need some slight upgrade to your look then pile on some accessories. Lastly, make sure your outfit doesn’t blend with your background.


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