As one of local fashion’s early responders to the needs of frontline health and other essential workers during the pandemic, fashion designer Puey Quiñones has opened up his Makati atelier to create personal protective equipment (PPE). Quiñones has consistently donated PPE to several hospitals with doctors and nurses in mind, as well as military groups and their personnel combating the spread of the virus. His most recent production involved creating custom protection gear for AirAsia, Fila, and Chevrolet.

The Samar-born visionary recently held a virtual fashion show to launch his new collection, Fashion for Protection. Not new to online runway presentations, Quiñones returned to livestreaming after his last virtual show for ready-to-wear bridal brand Cocomelody in New York City last year. Composed of 12 looks, Fashion for Protection used a bright color palette reflecting the vibrancy that the season has to offer.

“Here I am before all of you again during one of the most different and difficult times of our lives. Today reminds me of how we should care for each other, and how we should work together to get through this. Perhaps, better than before,” the designer said during his Facebook live session. “Through ironic twists of events, I found myself blessed with an opportunity to still practice my craft during the pandemic. As I present my latest collection, I’m proud to show you how our shared experience shaped my vision on creating comfortable PPE for people who would want to look fashionable and feel safe as they go about their daily tasks.”

In this exclusive Manila Bulletin Lifestyle interview, Quiñones takes us through the evolution of his fashion vision and designs for the times.

How important is it now to look fashionable even with the onslaught of the coronavirus?Personal style helps shape how we feel about ourselves. This is especially important when we are in a crisis as people may feel as though they have less control over their lives.

Did you have a particular person in mind when you were creating the collection?
Yes, it was Naomi Campbell. When I saw an image of her wearing a hazmat suit in the airport, I said to myself, “I can do better!” That inspired me to design stylish PPE.

How long did you create this collection?
I worked on this collection for a month. I decided to launch it a few weeks ago to see how people would react to it before I added it to my website. The show generated significant interest, which I feel was an encouraging combination of excitement and curiosity.

What materials did you use for the clothes? Are they washable and virus-repellent?
I used two types of materials: one is microfiber and the other is micro-twill. Both are waterrepellent and thereby protective. You can wash these fabrics by hand, or put them on delicate in the machine and then hang to dry.  

Quiñones sells the basic model PQ PPE for $65, tailored PQ PPE suit for $250, and the PQ PPE gown for $500. Log in to his website,, for more details.

Featured image of Quiñones by Noel Pabalate of Manila  Bulletin. Runway images courtesy of Puey Quiñones.


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