Any romantic longs to visit Paris, the home of some of the finest art, a top-notch fashion destination, and a gastronome’s dream-come-true. At night, the city’s soft lights that illuminate a well-made dinner make for an intoxicating atmosphere for lovers, as in the movies.

While all that’s dreamy, French restaurant owners are facing reality by thinking of ways to welcome customers back and ensure their safety from Covid-19.

The thing is, even if establishments complied with the safety protocols of distancing and cleanliness, diners would not be able to eat properly while wearing face masks. So restaurants are opting for unconventional ways like using plastic pods.

Similar to face shields, these clear, cylindrical pods hang from the ceiling and look like lampshades. The protective device, called the Plex’Eat, was designed by Christophe Gernigon. The Plexiglass cone was crafted with enough room for a diner’s head with extra space so he or she could eat.


“I imagined, during the nocturnal creative wanderings of these months of confinement, a new way of welcoming customers of bars and restaurants in search of outings,” says Christophe on his website. “It is better to consider aesthetic, design, and elegant alternatives that guarantee the rules of social distancing.”

Because of its practicality, class, and even humor, the design will soon find its way to countries like Japan, Belgium, Canada, and Argentina. Paris-based H.A.N.D restaurant, which serves American-style dishes, is looking to apply the transparent contraption to its business operation.


“Will people like it? I can’t say,” says H.A.N.D owner Mathieu Manzoni. “But I want to believe it can add something because I find it fun.”

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Christophe’s design also comes in a larger version to accommodate two people while on a date. How romantic!

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