With medical experts and pharmaceutical companies still searching for the vaccine, COVID-19 is certainly here to stay at the moment. The viral disease has truly changed the way how we do things. As what our policymakers have been saying in the past few months, we’re switching to a new normal.


Keep your family strong and healthy with Watsons

While Covid-19 ushers in a new normal, some things, however, remain the same. One of these things is the value of taking care of our health. Whether there’s a pandemic or not, staying healthy is key to achieve a fulfilling life. In the same vein, Watsons remains the same in its commitment to help you and your family stay healthy, especially now in the time of Covid-19.

Continuing to promote its “Look Good, Feel Good” ethos, Watsons goes along with health authorities’ advice on how to stay healthy. Whether you have to stay at home because of the quarantine or go outside to work as a frontliner, Watsons makes it convenient for you to stay strong to fight Covid-19.

What and why to buy?

Eating the right kind of food boosts your immunity against many diseases, including COVID-19. Add to your home menu vegetables like broccoli and spinach, both of which are rich in Vitamin C, just like citrus fruits and tropical fruits like mango and papaya. Don’t forget to cap off your meal with green tea like Nutrabliss by Watsons Tea, another immunity booster.


Watsons offers a wide range of vitamins for adults and kids

While nutritious food serves as a good source of vitamins, it might not be enough. Health authorities recommend that you take vitamin supplements to avoid nutritional deficiency and diseases. Knowing that vitamin C helps in boosting immunity, stock up Watsons Generics Ascorbic Acid for you and your family.

Apart from vitamin C, vitamin E also plays an important role in our body as it helps prevent cell damage which may cause fast aging. You can get your daily dose of vitamin E with Myra E 400IU at Watsons. If you’re not sure what specific vitamin to take, multivitamins are also available at Watsons such as Conzace Soft Gel, rolling vitamins A, C, E, and zinc into one. For kids, Watsons offers Cherifer PGM with zinc capsules and Growee Syrup to boost their height and strength.

Like vitamins, supplements can also boost your immunity

Aside from capsules, tablets, and syrup, supplements also serve as good sources of vitamins. Watsons houses a wide range of supplements that can help you enhance your defenses like MX3 and Watsons Generics Malunggay + Mangosteen. Meanwhile, supplements like MET Tathione, NU Essence Collagen, and Organique Acai Juice can keep your skin healthy and glowing especially when you have to go out and be exposed to harsh outdoor elements.

Completing your cabinet with other preventive and even curative products to shield you and your family against diseases, Watsons also offers these other essentials. Ascof Forte Syrup, Biogenic Ethyl Alcohol, Prosource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and Strepsils are all handy for relief and to keep diseases at bay.

Watsons houses preventive and curative products to keep illnesses at bay

Where and how to buy?

With more than 700 stores across the Philippines, Watsons is all set to serve, especially now in the time of Covid-19. However, depending on the quarantine status in your area, you might not be allowed to go out and head to the Watsons store near you.

Well, don’t worry. Watsons makes it convenient for you. Feel free to place your order online at or through the Watsons Philippines app available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play. You may also contact the Watsons branch near you ( and have your items delivered to you.

Making the deal not healthier but sweeter, using your Watsons Card when you shop gives you a chance to win a UV Care Deluxe Germ Terminator, Super Power UV Vacuum, or Smart Robot UV Vacuum with a minimum purchase of P500 on select health items. Promo runs until June 24, 2020.

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